Chef Tami

Nutrition Coach

Our Experience

Chef Tami has been creating warm and inviting dining experiences for over 20 years and her business has grown to encompass a variety of specialties. Working with client’s dietary needs or simply providing for a better more relaxing vacation, Chef Tami offers the variety of menus necessary to satisfy every desire and taste.

Working with nutritionists, doctors and athletic coaches she brings a more fulfilling life to many. She has performed her magic with diabetics - reducing their need for insulin intervention, migraine sufferers - lowering medicine and eliminating headaches, thyroid patients - improving quality of life, those with weight loss needs - achieving goals without hunger.

For those vacationing in the beautiful SW Florida area, Chef Tami can provide complete meal service or simply a few home cooked meals and picnic baskets to reduce the restaurant fare.

 As a certified Personal Chef with the APPCA, she has combined her years of education, experience, passion and research talents to produce the perfect coaching, menu planning, meal preparation and dining experience for you.

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